Why is Artisan Soap So Expensive?

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"That is ridiculous!  I can get a 3 or 4 bars of Big Store Soap for the price of one bar of your soap!"

As an artisan soap maker, I have many things to say about that!  Below are just a few.  Please don't think I am whining about this stuff - just laying it out there!

  •  I make small batches of soap.  As a small business, I can only afford to purchase ingredients in small quantities as compared to Big Store Soap (although big quantities as compared to a hobbyist). Big Store Soaps are purchasing train loads of ingredients!  I cannot compete on that level, nor do I want to.
  • The main ingredient in my soap is olive oil. Have you priced olive oil lately?  Wholesale prices are about the same as you will find at Sam's Club or Walmart!  It isn't cheap!  It takes a combination of oils to make a quality soap so I am also sourcing coconut oil, palm oil and cocoa butter!
  • I use high end ingredients. Big Store Soap isn't even soap anymore based on what they do to it.  Have you ever noticed terms like 'beauty bar' instead of soap?!
  • Big Name Soap is often use fillers and foaming agents to make their soap. I don't. 
  • Big Name Soap uses machines to crank out tons of bars of soap. I typically make two loaves of one kind of soap at a time - that is 34 bars of soap. 
  • Have you ever noticed that you tend to need lotion more when you use Big Name Soap? Have you ever wondered why?  Well, I'll tell you!  They go through a process to actually remove the naturally occurring glycerin in their soap to turn around and use it in other products such as lotions and creams!  They get you coming and going.  When soap is made by hand, the glycerin is left in!  Therefore, when you use a handmade soap you very rarely need an extra moisturizer.  Glycerin is a humectant.  It absorbs water from the air and thus attracts moisture to your skin. Glycerin is a natural by-product of the soap making process.
  • It takes a long time to make soap by old fashioned traditional way! Just a quick rundown of some of the steps in making handcrafted soap:  develop a recipe, test the recipe, purchase ingredients, measure ingredients, design soap, line molds, prep lye water, heat oils to right temperature, make the soap, let soap sit for at least 24 hours (while checking on it a few times to make sure all is well), unmold soap, cut soap, put soap on curing rack for a minimum of 4 weeks, stamp soaps, bevel soaps, take pictures of soap for website, add listing to website, make labels for soap, put shrink wrap on soap, label soap, put on the shelf while it waits for a new home!  Whew!
  • When you purchase artisan soap, you are paying for knowledge, someone who has studied and researched and wasted hour upon hour perfecting our soap recipes and designs. Each soap is unique in their design!  You are paying for the failed batches doing all this testing.
  • I have to eat just like you guys do. I have bills to pay, a mortgage (or two!), kids in college, vehicles to maintain........I draw a monthly salary from my business to help pay for these things.  I do not work outside the home - this is my job!
  • Where is your money going when you purchase Big Store Soap? When you spend with a local business, most of that money is spent back in our own community. 

Do you spend $4-$5 bucks on a cup of coffee every day?  How long does that last you?  Maybe an hour?  Yet, you have trouble spending $7-$10 on a bar of soap that will last you a couple months?  Think about that!

So, purchase Big Store Soap if that is what you want!  But you deserve quality soap made in small batches to ensure you get the best bar of soap you can get.  Yes, you can get a bar of soap of a buck.  It will clean your hands just fine.  Then you can crack open your $12 bottle of lotion and plow through that!    It's your choice.

Soapy News

We are actively seeking new wholesale accounts!  If you have a retail location or know of one where our product would fit, have them contact me via my website

I will be testing out some new products in the upcoming weeks that I am super excited about!  Liquid soap and lotion!  I am hoping to add these to our product line soon.

Now, go wash your hands!

Wash your hands and say your prayers 'cuz Jesus & germs are everywhere!




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  • Mary on

    I LOVE THIS!!! People just don’t get it! Anything “handmade” with quality, is more expensive than massed produced products. I LOVE my handmade soaps and small business and as I have tried to educate peeps, they often make a choice to stay with the cheaper soap they have used forever but, I will ALWAYS use my healthy handmade soaps! Thanks for the article.

  • Felicia on

    Amen, Sista! I agree.

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