Limited Quantities Left

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Limited Quantities Left


As you know, we are reducing the number of scents we carry.  Many soap are now on sale!  Below is what is currently in the sale section.  This list will vary as things sell out and new soaps are added.

     Peppermint & Vanilla Twist - 12 left 

   Hummingbird - 8 left

     Gracious - 12 left

     Three Wise Men - 27 left

     Angels Whispering - 8 left

     Garden of Eden - 10 left

     Cherry Almond - 9 left

     A Mother's Love - 17 left

     God's Love - 21 left

     Anise Fisherman's Soap - 3 left

     Oh My Olive - 7 left

     Gardenia Solid Lotion - 7 left

     Raspberry Patchouli Solid Lotion - 2 left

Also, don't forget we are also offering 50 cents off each product in our clearance/closeout section! The coupon code is CLEANINGHOUSE.


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