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Women of the Bible Soaps - Part 1

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Over the last two weeks, I have put together a Women of the Bible series of soaps.  Here are the first three: Rabah - The red "cord" is to represent her helping the two spies escape. This soap is scented with lavender & champagne scents! Oh, so nice! Esther - She is swirled with purple to represent her royalty. She is scented with an amazing combo of carnation, blood orange, sandalwood, rose, Patchouli and a touch of vanilla, vetiver, amber & musk! If you recognize this combo, I sold it before under the name of Little Black Dress. Naomi -...

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Why is Artisan Soap So Expensive?

artisan christian business faith soaps and love functional art handcrafted soap handmade soap j316 made in minnesota minnesota small business soap

"That is ridiculous!  I can get a 3 or 4 bars of Big Store Soap for the price of one bar of your soap!" As an artisan soap maker, I have many things to say about that!  Below are just a few.  Please don't think I am whining about this stuff - just laying it out there!  I make small batches of soap.  As a small business, I can only afford to purchase ingredients in small quantities as compared to Big Store Soap (although big quantities as compared to a hobbyist). Big Store Soaps are purchasing train loads of ingredients! ...

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