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It may seem as though I have been very quiet and not working lately but that is far from true!  I moved my website from one platform to another and there are so many little tiny tweaks that can be and should be made when doing something like that.

I have spent hours and hours updating crawl links and product titles, adding SEO tags and drop down menus.  The list goes on and I am still not done but I feel like I can walk away from it for a bit to see how the dust settles before I start making more changes!  If you have any comments - good or bad on the new site, please let me know!  The website address remained the same:

I have to tell you, all this work burned me out!  I had the flu in February, was diagnosed with very low iron and Vitamin D in March and now I have a bad cold!  Grrrr!  For someone who hasn't been sick in years, this is just way too much!

In more personal news, I know I told you guys my oldest son graduated from college in December.  Well, he got what he calls "a big boy job" and starts May 1.  BUT......the job is 7 hours away.  He will be moving in just a couple weeks!  We have been spending a lot of time researching apartments and U-Hauls!  It is all good news but it is still hard to see him fly from the nest.

I previously mentioned the two feral kitties we have (had!) living in our garage.  Well, last Tuesday Mama (Natasha) had five new kittens!  Her nearly year old kitten, Boris, is now living outside (not in the garage) since it is warmer out now.  He has food, water and shelter so he is just fine but boy does he miss his mama!  Mama and babies were all brought to the vet this week and I am now officially fostering the lot of them.  They are living in the workshop under our garage so it is warmer, cleaner and everyone has to stay inside.  I am not allowed to post pictures of them much less make any announcement about them as they are now in the foster system (really?  lame!) so you won't be hearing about them after this.  I just thought I should let you know everyone is doing great so far.

Well, that is the latest in my crazy life!  I know - not much if anything about soap!  Such is life!

Have a blessed day!


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  • Shirley M Franklin on

    It appears that the computer website move/set-up is nearing completion. It is tedious work, but will be more efficient once it’s done. I’m sorry you aren’t feeling well. Low iron and Vitamin D can really knock you out of the box. Several years ago, it was discovered that my Ferretins (the iron “stores” in your system) were dangerously low. I can’t take iron supplements by mouth, and it would take too long to get the count up where it needed to be, so I went to the hematologist for iron via IV. Started with frequent visits and tapered off and the counts raised, but it took a very long time. The doctor told me that if I started bleeding I needed to get to the ER asap. That was several years ago and now I’m doing fine. I take Vitamin D3 daily as well as B12.
    Seeing your children grow up and fly away is heart wrenching, but if they don’t fly they don’t grow. Wishing him much success in his “big boy” job, and wishing you comfort as he travels seven hours away.

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