Soap Rocks - Recycle - Waste Not Want Not - Soap Scraps

Soap Rocks - Recycle - Waste Not Want Not - Soap Scraps

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As a child, I remember walks down "Agate Road" with my grandparents. We would collect beautiful agates and other rocks and bring them back to the house for polishing.

This is such a cherished memory for me that I have continued collecting agates well into adulthood doing the same thing with my kids! We have a couple local spots where we walk & have contests to see who can find the largest agate. It is with these memories in mind that I created soap rocks out of my soap scraps.

Each "rock" is unique just like in nature. The scent and ingredients are a combination of whatever soap scrap went into the pot.

These Soap Rocks make bath time fun for the kids or a great soap for the dish in that rustic bathroom!

Each box contains at least 8 rocks for a total of 6+ ounces of soap.

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