Solid Lotion Bar Twist Up Tube - Great for Travel - Moisturizer

Solid Lotion Body Balm - Great for Travel - Moisturizer

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Made for people on the go, these solid lotion tubes twist up like a lip balm, glide on smooth, and soothe that dry skin!  They work wonders on those dry elbows & heels of your feet.  It is like lip balm for your body!

To use just glide the lotion over your skin. Be sure to dry off after your shower before you apply. Your body heat will help to melt the lotion bar to spread smoothly all over your body. Because the beeswax is a natural moisture barrier this is great for rough hands and elbows.

Great for Knitters! Per a customer: This stuff doesn't affect your yarn tension when you knit; just give it a try! Avid knitters usually work with animal fiber yarn. It dries the living heck out of your fingertips and cuticles. Most lotions or hand cremes cause a residue that affects your tension if you go back to knitting with say wool, alpaca or cashmere. Hence my comment about it "catching" on the yarn. It's basically the residue sticking to the yarn. Your magical potion lotion doesn't have this downside to moisturizing a knitters dried out hands.

Many of the lotion scents are also available in soap so be sure to grab a soap as well for layering scents!

Each bar is 2 ounces and will come in a twist up polypropylene tube (#5 recyclable). The tubes are shrink wrapped.

Each tube has a scripture verse on it to lift you up! The last photo represents what the tube will look like with label in place.

These are great for traveling as they do not count as a liquid!

Do not allow your lotion bar to get too warm though - it will melt! Don't worry though, it will firm back up once it cools down.

Contents: Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Fragrance or Essential Oil.

Scent Descriptions:


    • Almond - Sweet, almond scent.
    • Amazing Grace - Italian bergamot and sparkling lemon that are sweetened with freshly picked citron and neroli. A white floral jasmine, orange blossom and rose are blended with sheer musk and cedarwood. 
    • Angel Wings - a wonderful aroma embracing the softness of a new born baby and the creaminess of vanilla custard. 
    • Angels Whispering - top notes of green leafy fern and sweet florals; followed by jasmine and white floral lily; sitting on a floral musk base note!
    • April Clean - fresh powder, light musk, and just a hint of fresh spring flowers of lavender, jasmine, and tulips. 
    • Believe - Musky, smoky, deep patchouli is combined with the amazing scent of ripe raspberries! The result is a much softer, sweeter patchouli that is a must have for your hippy soap collection!
    • Beloved - top notes of fresh floral ylang ylang, rose petals, jasmine. This is followed by lovely base notes of vetiver and sandalwood. 
    • Black Tie Affair - This is a sultry yet clean scented soap. It reminds me of my dad when he and my mom would get dressed up to go out on the town. There is a hint of citrus as well as a little bit of musk. It is more masculine in nature but not cologney smelling.
    • Blackberry
    • Blue Hydrangea - a combination of sun-kissed hydrangeas and fresh breezes. 
    • Breath of God - Dark and earthy, fresh and sweet.  This scent is the perfect infusion of masculine and feminine.  It is a complex scent comprised of neroli, sandalwood, cedar, incense, amalfi lemon, melon, rose, ylang ylang, vetiver, grapefruit, black pepper and juniper.  It is sweet and smoky!
    • Butter Cream & Snickerdoodle - sweet and yummy fragrance that contains rich caramel and cream notes.  With hints of nutmeg and praline and rich notes of cocoa and vanilla.
    • Butterfly Flower - fresh ozone notes that lead to this light hearted green floral bouquet. A blend of lily and sage is twisted with shimmering greens as tangy tones of cassis create a bright accent for the floralcy. Sweet amber and crisp orange flower are blended with musk at the base of the scent.
    • Cashmere - exotic spices and floral blend
    • Cherry Blossom - This lighter fragrance is a fruity floral delight for the senses; with notes of sweet pomegranate seeds, tart juicy currant mingling beautifully with pink cherry blossom and delicate white magnolia, this is a floral that will quietly steal your heart and have you bursting into song for no reason.
    • Clean Cotton - An intoxicatingly fresh scent; well balanced with just the right combination of citrus, powder, and woods.This fragrance begins with top notes of Kaffir lime and lemon zests; followed by middle notes of baby powder, African violet, and jasmine; sitting on base notes of woods and white musk.
    • Coconut Dreams - a tropical twist of coconut milk and cool vanilla and is a perfect little mental escape from reality!
    • Cottage & Breezes - An incredibly fresh aroma that will remind you of the alluring scent of salt water mist, and the feeling of the warm sands beneath your feet.  This aroma is a complex blend of ozonic salt water notes, floral melon notes, green amber, powdery woods, and musk
    • Cotton & Blossoms - a sweet and subtle blend of jasmine, violet and gardenia, with a sparkle of lemon zests on a dry down of vanilla. 
    • Devotion - Breathe in a bouquet of Lily of the Valley blossoms for a feeling of quiet serenity.
    • Dragon's Blood - Dragon's Blood is a mysterious, alluring scent that is difficult to describe. It has warming notes of amber, incense, Madagascar vanilla and patchouli. It is then lightened up with layers of romantic notes such as rose, jasmine and lilac. Finally it is topped off with the colorful, light touches of blood orange and grapefruit.
    • Fresh Snow - Ozoney, fresh laundry/cotton scent!
    • Fruit of the Spirit - Blackberry & Almond
    • Gardenia
    • Grace - This lotion scented with sweet jasmine that is blended with woodland fern and fresh flowers.  A hint of spice warms orange blossom to create an enchanting harmony that balances with the base of white musk.
    • Grace & Truth - woods and amber blended with mimosa, vanilla musk, apricot and berry. (Formally known as Twilight Woods)
    • Grapefruit Essential Oil
    • Heavenly - an enticing romantic blend of juicy McIntosh apples enhanced and sweetened by rich French jasmine, cyclamen, and fresh rose petals. Very Complex!
    • Just Plain Naked - no scent added to this lotion bar! It is just plain....naked!
    • Lavender Essential Oil - very true to the flower.
    • Lemon Verbena - a complex blend of lemon verbena and bergamot mixed with sultry primrose and violet. If that wasn't enough love, there is a touch of amber and white musk and just a little drop of peppermint for an energizing surprise!
    • Lilac
    • Little Black Dress - Carnation, blood orange, sandalwood, rose & patchouli.
    • Midnight Pomegranate - With notes of pomegranate, twists of orange and a touch of cinnamon and vanilla, you will be whisked away to the couch in your imagination!
    • Oatmeal Milk & Honey - a blend of light almond, wheat notes, vanilla and musk.
    • Ocean Rain - a clean, fresh and not overpowering scent. It is relaxing - just like listening to the ocean breaking on the beach!
    • Orange Essential Oil
    • Patchouli - a musky, smoky, deep fragrance.
    • Peppermint & Tea Tree - a combination of peppermint and tea tree essential oils.
    • Positive Energy - a stimulating blend of citrus (grapefruit, lemon and lime) along with hints of fresh cucumber and jasmine, and a touch of pineapple, blackberry and champagne. It is certainly an exciting and uplifting mixture of scents!
    • Raspberry -sun ripened raspberry goodness.
    • Refined By Fire - scented with lemongrass essential oil which has an amazing earthy note as well as lemon.
    • Saddle Shop - Leather!
    • Sandalwood - a very alluring, comforting scent that is both woody and lush.
    • Sweet Grass - ozony aroma of fresh cut grass, clover, with a hint of wisteria.
    • The Perfect Man - This scent is similar to Blue de Chanel. It uses only the finest, expensive fragrance notes; it begins with fresh, daring notes of Japanese grapefruit, bergamot, and lemon; followed by middle notes of peppercorn, ginger, jasmine, aquatic marine notes, and a hint of peppermint; sitting on expensive base notes of natural patchouli, cedar, vetiver, labdanum, and frankincense.
    • Twilight Woods (For Men) - Citrus Zest, Cedar Leaf, Rich Spices, Vetiver, White Pepper, Deep Musk, Light Patchouli.
    • Under My Spell - amber, sandalwood, vanilla and cedarwood.
    • Vanilla - Sweet and rich vanilla.
    • Whosoever - An enticing and fruity blend of blackberries and raspberries are combined with bergamot, pear, plum wine, vanilla orchid and musk - it is so amazing it will take you straight to nirvana!
    • Wild Honeysuckle Blossom - essence of sweet, succulent wild honeysuckle blossoms in full bloom at spring time! Absolutely fabulous scent!
    • Wild Wild West - wild and sexy accord, combining top notes of Tumble Weeds, Basil Leaves, and Tonka Beans; followed by middle notes of Brushed Suede, Earthy Patchouli, and Amber Stone; all sitting on manly base notes of Aged Saddle Leather, Red Cedar, and Full Musk.  Gitty Up Cowboy! 
    • Winter Garden - a refreshing and clean scent with notes of lime, menthol, fir, lavender, eucalyptus and pine.


    Customer Review - I have to tell you, I love this lotion! I totally regret not taking a before and after picture of my heels. They were dry, cracked, and looked horrible! Now they are smooth! Smooth! My feet would catch on the sheets and scratch my husband at night, they were so bad. And, now they are so much better. So, Thank You for introducing me to this lovely lotion!!

    Customer Review - I am still in awe that I can put this stuff on my hands and most especially my fingertips and cuticles—always dry from working with wool yarn—, and keep on knitting without the yarn catching on my newly lotioned hands. Can't do it with other lotions.

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