Solid Lotion Bars

Made for people on the go, these solid lotion tubes twist up like a lip balm, glide on smooth, and soothe that dry skin! To use just glide the lotion over your skin. Be sure to dry off after your shower before you apply. Your body heat will help to melt the lotion bar to spread smoothly all over your body. Because the beeswax is a natural moisture barrier this is great for rough hands and elbows.

Great for Knitters! Per a customer: This stuff doesn't affect your yarn tension when you knit; just give it a try! Avid knitters usually work with animal fiber yarn. It dries the living heck out of your fingertips and cuticles. Most lotions or hand cremes cause a residue that affects your tension if you go back to knitting with say wool, alpaca or cashmere. Hence my comment about it "catching" on the yarn. It's basically the residue sticking to the yarn. Your magical potion lotion doesn't have this downside to moisturizing a knitters dried out hands.

Many of the lotion scents are also available in soap so be sure to grab a soap as well for layering scents! Each bar is 2 ounces and will come in a twist up polypropylene tube (#5 recyclable). The tubes are shrink wrapped.

Each tube has a scripture verse on it to lift you up! The last photo represents what the tube will look like with label in place. These are great for traveling as they do not count as a liquid! Do not allow your lotion bar to get too warm though - it will melt! Don't worry though, it will firm back up once it cools down.

Contents: Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Fragrance or Essential Oil.