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Bubble Heaven makes bath time an absolute treat! Just sprinkle as much or as little Bubble Heaven into your bath for tons of fizz and great aroma. Be ready for the wonderful way your skin will feel!    

Each bag holds 6 ounces of Bubble Heaven (by weight).

Directions for use of Bubble Heaven....sprinkle a bit or a lot in your bath & enjoy the fizz, aroma & the wonderful way your skin feels! Agitate the water with your hand for increased suds!

Bubble Heaven is created with baking soda and citric acid which create a fizzing action. Then we add tons of moisturizing cocoa butter and shea butter to soften the water and your skin. We add a skin safe and non irritating foaming agent of Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate (SLSA) which is derived from coconut and palm oils and considered a 100% natural product.

Fragrance oils are added to scent the bath water and your skin and safe colorants turn your water into true bliss without staining your tub. Truly a heavenly bath experience that you will have to try.

These are not soap; they are a fizzing bath melt. *Note: Due to the high content of added oils, the tub may become slippery. Please use extreme caution when entering and exiting the bathtub.

Ingredients: Baking Soda, SLSA, Citric Acid, Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Fragrance Oil, Mica or Oxide. Scent Descriptions:

  • Amazing Grace - an "amazing" feminine fragrance that will make you feel pretty...oh so pretty! Italian bergamot and sparkling lemon are sweetened with freshly picked citron and neroli. A white floral jasmine, orange blossom and rose are blended with sheer musk and cedarwood.
  • Beloved - This highly complex fragrance begins with top notes of fresh floral ylang ylang, rose petals, and French Jasmine. This is followed by lovely base notes of vetiver and sandalwood.
  • Cherry Blossom - a lighter fragrance that is a fruity floral delight for the senses! It has notes of sweet pomegranate seeds, tart juicy currant mingling beautifully with pink cherry blossom and delicate white magnolia. This is a floral that will quietly steal your heart and have you bursting into song for no reason.
  • Coconut Dreams - a tropical twist of coconut milk & cool vanilla and is a perfect little mental escape from reality!
  • Lemon Verbena - a wonderfully complex blend of Italian Bergamot, Lemon Verbena mixed with sultry Primrose and Violet. Rounding the blend out is a dry down of Amber and White Musk and just a little drop of Peppermint for an energizing surprise!
  • Midnight Pomegranate - pomegranate with a twist of orange, cinnamon & vanilla.
  • Positive Energy - a stimulating blend of citrus (grapefruit, lemon and lime) along with hints of fresh cucumber and jasmine, and a touch of pineapple, blackberry and champagne. It is certainly an exciting mixture of scents!

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